‘The Ludocrats’ #1 Is Ludicrous, And I Love It

‘Ludocrats’ #1

Writers: Kieron Gillen and Jim Rossignol

Illustrator: Jeff Stokely

Published: April 1, 2020

‘The Ludocrats’ promises to be a story so astonishingly outrageous that it will chase boredom away faster than a shadow ninja chasing a T-Rex on a solar-powered hoverboard. Strap yourselves in friends because ‘The Ludocrats’ takes place in a world where people fought in the Hemispheric Boredom Wars in order to bring about the Ludicrous Revolution. Naturally being boring and predictable became an offense so terrible that it could lead to one’s death. Seventy-Nine Eldritch Hyper Pope’s later, something is amiss and the future of the Ludocratic dynasty is at stake. 







Fighting to preserve his absurdly beautiful world from the dangers of boredom is Otto Van Subertan and his faithful friend, Professor Hades Zero-K. Otto is a big fan of adjudicating weddings, especially when they involve murder. He also has an insatiable desire to spread his seed as it were, and although he has already fathered 19 children, he still hasn’t produced a worthy heir. 

Professor Hades serves as the voice of reason, well what passes for reason among the Ludocrats. She keeps Otto from falling into predictable ruts and is a top-notch scientist.  Hades is also capable of delivering sick burns, so keep some aloe on hand. 

There are two driving factors that thrust Otto into action. The first being that his brother is the current Hyper Pope, who Hades has heard is becoming boring, and the second is that the Hyper Pope just declared Otto’s newest love interest to be boring. Will Otto succeed?Probably! Although that would be a predictable outcome. Predictable is boring, and boring is bad. So maybe this is a fight Otto can’t win. Then again…you know what? Why don’t we just tag along with Otto and find out what happens next because honestly, anything can happen in a world where Casanova Quinn is dressed as a sexy dinosaur shows up to steal something. One thing is certain, Ludocrats better hope Otto can save the day or life as they know it may be over. 

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