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Don’t do it, Disney!

Disney old pal, let’s have a chat. According to an article from Inside the Magic, you are getting ready to make a live-action feature of “Pocahontas.” I know that you have been stepping up your game in terms of diversifying your casting choices and believe me, I appreciate it. I love what you did with your “Aladdin” remake. “Mulan” and “The Little Mermaid” look like solid films as well. I can’t wait to see a Latina actress join the Disney princess line up in the future. However, if you want to enter a new renaissance of storytelling and pay respect to Native American culture, DO NOT remake “Pocahontas.” Just don’t.

We aren’t kids anymore. We know what happened to the real Pocahontas, and rehashing her story is going to upset a lot of people. While past movies required relatively minor changes like having Jasmine become sultan, I don’t see how you could update “Pocahontas” into a palatable story to put on screen for audiences of all ages to enjoy. She was kidnapped, converted to Christianity, and died at the ripe age of 20 due to sickness. I could be wrong. Perhaps you have an unknown piece of history that would get everyone on board with the remake. But honestly, I would feel better if you let this story go.

Here’s a better idea, partner with a tribe and do a live action film about one of their myths or legends. I’m sure they would be more than happy to tell their stories.

That’s all for now champ. I’ll let you get back to figuring out which childhood classic you are going to remake next.

“The Black Caldron” is ripe for the picking.

A Latina princess would be nice too.

Last thing, I promise. What if there was a Latina princess in “The Black Caldron”?

Think about it!

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