Throwback Thursday-‘Batman: The Movie’ (1966)

Adam West may have portrayed the goofiest version of Batman ever, but he is a crucial part of Batman’s history that shouldn’t be forgotten. When he hit the silver screen in July of 1966, Adam West made history as the first caped crusader to entertain moviegoers.

Levels of campiness were off the charts as actors leaned into their characters with all their might. And although fans of Christopher Nolans Dark Knight trilogy might be embarrassed by this chapter of Batman’s story, I for one am glad that this version of Batman exists in the world.

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Wizards Unite introduces players to a new world–slowly.

Roughly a week into Wizards Unite, I find myself switching back to Pokemon Go and wondering why Niantic and Warner Bros. are holding back. Yes the AR (augmented reality) is more sophisticated than Pokemon, yes we are doing more than tapping the screen to defeat enemies, and yes the skill trees add a nice layer of complication. But why can’t I send my fellow wizards and witches much needed energy? Why are energy caps only increased by ten when they cost 150 precious galleons? Why does this game feel bloated and empty all at once?

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