‘Shed’ #1-3 dares us to change the future

shed 1.jpg


Writers: Ken Spevergav and Obie Scott Wade

Art: Steve Beach

Colors: Jay Fotos

Publisher: Sabotage Industries



Earth has chosen her new champion and it isn’t mankind. The Sarx, a new race of skinless homo sapiens with mysterious powers, have been selected to take over as stewards of the planet.

Shed, a graphic sci-fi horror comic, deals with man’s potential downfall due to willful intolerance. Nature may have selected the Sarx, but man may be choosing his own extinction.

shed 2.jpgWhen the Sarx first begin to appear within the population they are rounded up, number, micro chipped, and placed in camps for their own “safety.” After years of inhumane conditions, the Sarx are released back into society but they clearly aren’t free. Buses seem to be segregated, there are billboards promoting the sterilization of Sarx, and signs that read “No Skin, No Service.” These images will no doubt stir up painful memories of racial prejudices that all people of color face today. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the first individual to “shed” is a person of color.

Behind the scenes, there is an apocalyptic event on the horizon. The Sarx appear to be destined to ride the event into a new era, but the humans seem to have little chance of survival unless they work with the Sarx.

Of course, politics and backdoor business deals reveal that when humans must save their own kind, they hardly play fair. Those born with privilege are secreted away while the masses are left blissfully unaware of the impending danger that faces mankind.

The wheel of time continues to turn and while technology advances, man appears to be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. There are still three issues left in the series, hopefully the humans in Shed will find a way to break our vicious cycle before it is too late.