Summer Reading: LINE Webtoon Edition


The sun is shinning, the skies are clear. Summer is here which means it’s time to find a shady spot to read some of the hottest webcomics around. Admittedly, many of the comics on my list are part of LINE Webtoon. I got hooked on this handy app last year at SDCC so I thought I’d share. The comics below are in no particular order. Some of them have been completed while others are ongoing.

  1. Under the Aegis (ongoing)
  2. Family Man (completed)
  3. Space Boy (ongoing)
  4. unOrdinary (ongoing)
  5. Dents (ongoing, contains soundtracks for most episodes)
  6. Tales of the Unusual (ongoing)
  7. Dr. Frost (ongoing)
  8. Newman (ongoing, paused so the author can work on season 1 of Jackie Rose)
  9. Sidekicks (ongoing)
  10. The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares (completed)
  11. The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn (ongoing)
  12. Siren’s Lament (ongoing, contains soundtracks for most episodes)
  13. Gepetto (ongoing)
  14. Traveler (ongoing)
  15. Chiller (completed, contains sound effects for each story so be sure to turn the volume all the way up)
  16. Shadow (completed)
  17. Yumi’s Cells (ongoing, slidetoon)
  18. Jackie Rose (ongoing)
  19. Miss Abbot and the Doctor (ongoing)
  20. The Badguys (ongoing, winner of the Superhero comic contest)

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