‘Poe Dameron’ #2 finds Black Squadron in a deeper hole

poe dameron 2 digitalWriter: Charles Soule

Artist: Phil Noto

Lettering: Joe Caramanga

Publisher: Marvel Comics

When last we left Poe, he was greeted with the news that the First Order had arrived on planet after tracking his ship across the galaxy. Issue #2 sees Poe and the Black Squadron attempt to get the upper hand only to find themselves in an even worse predicament.
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Wonder Con 2016

Wonder Con 2016 traveled to Los Angeles this year where it was surrounded by delicious smells of food trucks and the sights of Downtown LA. For the most part the convention schedule was filled with sneak peaks and fandom meet-ups. However, there were deeper conversations happening within the hallowed walls of the con. One just had to pay close attention.

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Highlights from Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016

Back in March I was luck enough to attend the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) which saw close to 60,000 guests make their way to San Jose over the course of three days. This places Steve Wozniak’s and Stan Lee’s Comic Con creation as the biggest convention in Northern California.

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Site intro

Hey folks! Long time no see! I’ve been a bit busy getting things settled on my end over the past few days. For the past three years I’ve been freelancing at PopOptiq. Sadly the website has changed owners and decided to move in another direction. A lot of good writers lost their home last week, including myself. There is no use crying over spilled milk, so it’s time to pick up the pieces and move on. This blog has been sitting idle for quite a while, and at long last it has a purpose. I’ll be posting reviews for comicbooks and webcomics whenever I can (hopefully every weekend), random features on movies/television, and anything newsworthy from the comicbook and gaming world. Of course I’ll be publishing any game reviews with the fellows over at Goomba Stomp.

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